8 rogue hairs you need to know about

Time to embrace or tweeze those stragglers

Have you ever been checking out your flawless make-up, or caught a glimpse of yourself in the rear view mirror and spotted a pesky rogue hair? You know the type – they’re either thick and staring back at you, or wispy, grey and clockable in the most unforgiving of lights. But don’t let rogue hairs rain on your summer parade, as we have the lowdown on them and how you can mask, pluck or embrace your follicle friends.


Some people go grey early, and others are still rocking a full head of natural colour well into their 60s, but becoming a silver fox at any age isn’t something to be embarrassed about. If you want to wear your greys with pride then we salute you, but if you aren’t ready to go full on tinsel-town then you can either try a semi-permanent or permanent hair dye, or even give a root spray a go. Simply find the shade that’s most suited to you, spray generously on your roots, brush though and voila! Goodbye greys until you next wash your locks.

Rogue grey hairs can also sprout up randomly in your eyebrows, and even down below in your pubic hair, so if you’re feeling brave then give them a little tweeze. The same can be said for greys in your hair, but this can be an eye watering encounter!


Fuzzy feet are actually very common and nothing to be scared of. So if you’re planning on wearing your finest summer sandals and are worried about what people will think then don’t! Easier said than done we know, but most people will probably be rocking a similar situation or will have waxed, dyed or even plucked their toe wigs away.

If you’re looking for ways to remove hair from your toes and feet then small wax strips are a great option, as they aren’t as painful as you may think. If you only have a few rogue toe hairs then feel free to get tweezer happy, but apply a cold compress after to help avoid any irritation.


Nasal hair can be a bugbear for some people, but the hair in your nose actually helps to protect against germs and fungus (not helpful when you spot hair creeping out the bottom of your nose, we know). Luckily it’s easy to manage with a handy nasal trimmer, small scissors (remember to always use a mirror) and even tweezers, if you don’t mind a bit of eye watering in the process.

Between your eyebrows

Hands up if a monobrow would sprout if you stopped plucking in between your eyebrows. Yup, us too. There’s no right or wrong way to wear your brows, so having them look ‘on fleek’ means shaping them to make you feel your most confident self; including hair in the middle. But if you’re not a fan of meeting in the middle then you can go to town on them with tweezers  try mini wax strips, use face-friendly hair removal cream or even invest in a home hair removal device.


We think belly snail trails are a thing of beauty, but we know that not everyone will agree. So if you’re donning a bikini or saying “see ya” to a shirt and don’t feel confident showing your belly fur then why not try an IPL (Intense pulsed light system) which targets each hair and helps to reduce its growth over time. If this is a little costly then you could try a hair lightening kit which will help minimise the appearance of dark hair.

Down there 

You’ve popped on your favourite bikini and you’re ready to hit the beach, but hang on, who invited that stray pube poking out below? Sometimes you can do all the prep in the world but Mother Nature pushes through and out pops another hair. Never fear, as you can gently tweeze the hair out, or apply a wax strip after a warm shower, which helps soften the hair and make it a little less painful to remove.


Nipple hairs can appear for all sorts of reasons – from hormones to good old genes, and you can either learn to love them or say a swift goodbye using tweezers. Your nipples can be quite sensitive so we wouldn’t recommend waxing or using hair removal cream, so gently tweezing is the quickest and safest option.  Apply a soothing moisturiser afterward to help avoid any irritation.

Chin & cheeks

If your chin and cheeks play host to a few hairs then you can probably appreciate the satisfaction of grasping one with your tweezers and gently pulling out – ahhh, we can just feel it now. Chin hairs are more common than you think, and mostly seen in older people, but sometimes hair can crop up in the most unexpected and not-so-convenient of places no matter your age. Invest in a good pair of tweezers and you’ll be all set.

So whether you want to embrace your rogue hairs or bid them a fond farewell – there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your body hair.