Beauty shortcuts for busy mums

When mornings are a blur of feeding, wiping & changing, your grooming routine can often get shelved. Treat yourself to our top-to-toe beauty hacks, perfect for whether you’ve just 1, 3 or 5 minutes to spare…

Quick-fire skincare

1 minute to… radiance

A highlighting moisturizer is an easy way to instant radiance, moisturizing and illuminating your skin in one easy step. Many will also work as a smoothing primer beneath make-up. 

Time-saving tip: Apply your moisturizer after getting out of the shower, while the air is still moist, to make the product work harder.

3 minutes to… baby smooth skin

To get your skin looking smoother, more energized and as though you’ve had some sleep, slather on a fruit acid exfoliator. Leave to work for two minutes (shut your eyes and breathe) and spend 30 seconds massaging it in before rinsing off with warm water.

5 minutes to… happier eyes

Barely slept a wink. Lie back and pop a couple of slices of fridge-chilled cucumber over your eyelids for five minutes to remove the excess luggage from under your eyes. When you’re done, lift them off and gently pat in any residue. 

Make-up in minutes

1 minute to… an ace base

With the days of layering moisturizer, sun cream and foundation behind you (for now at least), find a moisturizing beauty balm or CC cream with SPF that can help keep skin looking soft, blemish-free and sun-protected all at once. It’ll be your new best friend.

3 minutes to… party ready

Want to look glamorous fast? Look out for easy make-up collections that’ll get you ready in an instant – all you need is mascara, blusher and a touch of lippy. You’ll look as though you’ve slept. Miracle!

5 minutes to… top brows

If the idea of getting your brows done at a salon seems alien these days, try an at-home eyebrow tint. The color can last for up to a month and most go on in less than two minutes, allowing time for a second coat if you need more impact. 

Time-saving tip: Tint lashes with an eyelash dye while doing your brows, so you can skip the morning mascara. 

High-speed hair

1 minute to… instant color

No time to book a hairdresser’s appointment, let alone sit in the chair for an hour? An instant root concealer can tackle reappearing roots and disguise greys. They’re quick and easy to apply, too. 

3 minutes to… newly washed

If you want freshly washed hair but don’t have time for a shower, follow this three-step dry-shampoo strategy. First, spray your hairline with a dry shampoo. Then, take two-inch sections parallel to your parting and lightly spray your roots, flipping each handful of hair over to reach the next. Finally, tip your head upside-down and blend the powder with your fingers before brushing it out.

5 minutes to… smoother hair

Restore dry, lifeless hair in five minutes flat, with a deep moisturizing treatment. One treatment can bring back your silkiness and shine, so your baby’s hands won’t get tangled in your tresses any longer.

Time-saving tip: Use after shampooing, when your hair shaft is most receptive to moisturizing.

Hand care in half the time

1 minute to… moisturize

As a new mum, you probably feel you’re washing your hands every two seconds. Turn this chore into a beauty treat by keeping a rich hand cream near the taps to ensure soft skin, smooth cuticles and strong nails.  

Time-saving tip: Slather your rich hand cream on your put-upon ‘mum knees’ too. 

3 minutes to… glossy nails

Slick on a quick-drying clear varnish to give a glossy finish to bare nails or revive an existing manicure. There’s nothing like a polish to make you feel polished – even if, on the inside, you’re anything but! 

5 minutes to… a super main

How about just a few steps to gorgeously shaped, smooth and glossy nails in one easy-to-use tool? A four-way or seven-way manicure block can make a speedy DIY shape and polish so simple – no varnish required.

Body treats in a trice

1 minute to… sweet feet

Walking miles with the buggy takes it out of your tootsies, so when you haven’t got time to put your feet up, treat yourself instead to a cooling leg and foot gel that speedily soothes hot, tired feet and ankles.

3 minutes to… smooth legs

You probably feel you don’t have time for lengthy hair removal anymore, so snap up a handy, time-efficient shower and shaving gel combined. They get your skin silky-soft and provide optimum glide to make shaving more effective.

Time-saving tip: Exfoliate first to prime hairs and guarantee your route to silky-smooth legs. 

5 minutes to… glow to go

Give glow to grey skin with a fast-drying self-tan. They can be quick and easy to apply. Look for one that won’t transfer color all over your clothes – babies give you enough washing to do!