The different types of hair removal

Take the fuss out of being fuzz free

Whether you love it, leave it or hate, choosing to remove your body hair is personal and completely your choice. If shaving makes you feel confident without tights in your favourite dress or you have some dark hair on your face that you’re a little self-conscious about, no problem! We take you through the different types of hair removal and tips on how to use them.


Most of our first memories of shaving probably involve using a razor, they’re so easy to use and the results are instant but they don’t last as long as most of us would like. If you love using them though, we’d advise always exfoliating before use to remove any dead skin cells, use conditioner or a shaving cream lather to help provide moisture and try using light strokes. Experts also advise you should swap your razor every five to ten uses to avoid any infections or blunt razors!

Pros: Quick and easy

Cons: If you want smooth legs for longer, you’ll have to pop your razor out, at the most, twice a week!

Hair removal cream

If shaving with a razor often leaves you with bumps and irritation, say hello to hair removal cream instead. Simply apply the cream to any areas you want hair removing from (you will need a separate one for your pubic hair and face), wait for the magic to happen and rinse off to reveal hair-free legs. It won’t remove hair from the root, so hair will probably grow back quicker than you’d like.

Pros: Quick and easy

Cons: Short-lived results, but the ease of it can make up for it. Some can also have a strong smell which can be a bit off-putting for some.

Wax strips

Unlike other products, your hair needs to be a certain length for the effects of waxing to take place – hair shouldn’t be any less than ¼ inch (which is about the length of a grain of rice!). The results of waxing at home can last for up to a month but needs to be done correctly, so take a look at our tips on how to wax at home and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Pros: Lasts longer than shaving and many strips can be used on the face, under arms, legs and pubic area

Cons: Can be slightly painful and can leave patchy areas if not done correctly


Epilators are great for plucking the hair from the root and leaving a much smoother finish than other products do. As a result, legs can stay hair-free for up to three weeks – when hair does grow back, it can be softer and finer than before (win, win!). They’re also more efficient on shorter hairs, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your hair to grow before removing it.

Pros: No need to replace the blades and most are waterproof, meaning you can have a wet shave, too

Cons: Can be painful, but with regular use you should get used to it


As the name suggests, IPL’s use light to stop hair growth and is gentler and safer (and less expensive) than laser treatment. Doing it enough times means hair is killed and falls out, leaving you with silky, smooth skin. Learn more about the wonders of IPL and choosing which one is right for you.

Pros: Cheaper than salon visits in the long run

Cons: You won’t see the results overnight, so be patient

Body & face trimmers

These beauties are small in size which means they’re great for your face, under arms, bikini line, upper lip, ears and even brows! They’re not only used for removing unwanted hair, but some of the blades can trigger cell regeneration making room for new, healthy cells to grow.

Pros: Perfect for little touch-ups here and there

Cons: Because they’re so small you can’t shave your legs with them, but that’s not what they’re designed for!

Lady shavers

Lady shavers are quite similar to razors, as they cut hair at the skin level rather than removing from the follicle. They look very similar to an epilator but not to be confused with, as they remove hair in different ways. In some ways, this product is just an electric razor so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, but don’t want to stand in the shower whilst shaving, this is a great option.

Pros: fast, effective and pain free

Cons: blades need replacing and may leave itchy stubble

Hair lightener

If you have some dark hair on your face but you don’t want to get into the habit of removing or shaving it, then hair lighteners might just be your new best friend. Find one that’s suitable for the area you want to lighten, apply and get ready to make dark hair less visible.

Pros: the best alternative if you don’t want to fully remove unwanted hair

Cons: can cause irritation, so make sure to clock watch and don’t leave it on for longer than the packet says!

Finding your favourite hair removal tool is so worth it in the end!