Discover contact lenses

Did you know many glasses wearers can also wear contact lenses? Discover the freedom that contact lenses could give you.

Who can wear them?

Contact lenses are available to suit people with a range of prescriptions, including people who:

  • are long or short-sighted

  • wear varifocal lenses

  • have an astigmatism

Even if you only wear your glasses occasionally, you can still consider wearing contact lenses.

Did you know children and teenagers can wear contact lenses too?

When can I wear them?

You can wear most contact lenses all day and some overnight too. If you don't want to wear them every day, you may choose to wear them occasionally, even if only for a few hours each time, for:

  • playing sport

  • changing your look for a special occasion, work, or a holiday

  • wearing with non-prescription sunglasses

There are three main types of contact lenses, so you can choose what you think will suit you.

Daily disposable – the ultimate choice for convenience or for occasional use, as you wear fresh lenses each time with no hassle of cleaning.

Daily reusable – ideal for everyday use. Simply clean and store them overnight, ready to wear the next day. One pair can last up to one month.

Extended or continuous wear lenses – can be worn both day and night and can last up to one month.

How comfortable are they?

Handling contact lenses can be a little daunting at first but don't worry, we'll help you learn how to put them in and take them out, so it becomes like second nature.

Plus, advances in technology mean contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than ever before, with improved features like:

  • Breathable lenses – good for your eye health

  • Hydrating lenses – keep your eyes moist throughout the day

  • Lenses with UV protection – help to prevent sun damage.

In fact, many people can't even feel them once they are in.

So, if you think you might want to give contact lenses a go, our free contact lens assessment and trial can help you decide.