Embrace summer from top to toe

Whatever that means to you, prepare to soak up summer

Getting prepped for (potentially) warmer months can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming – especially when we’re told what we should be doing, when and how often. With some useful tips, that you can choose to take on board or not, and essential products, we’ll help you get top-to-toe ready for the summer.

Give your hair some TLC

It’s not just the sun that can damage your hair, but seawater and chlorine can also wreak havoc on your locks. So get your hair ready for the summer by giving it some extra hydration – do this by looking out for ingredients like coconut and argan oil in your conditioner. Build up its strength with a hair treatment mask or get your hair cut to get rid of any split ends before the heat dries them out further!

Try aleave-in heat spray too that’s designed to help protect your hair from sea water or the sun.

Test out lighter make-up

Think BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturiser for the warmer months as they offer light-to-medium coverage and are much lighter than foundations – meaning they shouldn’t run off your face in the heat! It’s nice to give your skin a bit of a breather, too.

Dare to bare your legs

When the sun’s out it’s time to crack open your summer wardrobe, which probably includes shorts, skirts and dresses. It’s up to you whether you shave your legs, and if you do how often you choose to. So if you do want to get the razor out, make sure to exfoliate your legs (they’ve probably been hidden for months so could be dry) to get rid of any dry skin and once shaved moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. If you’re not into shaving your legs but you feel they’re dry, just do the same as above without the shaving part.

For sandal-ready feet

After months of being hidden in socks and shoes during winter, are your feet dry and heels scaly? You’re not alone. But a little at-home TLC can have them revived for the big reveal in about a week. Look out for hydrating ingredients such as urea which helps reduce dry skin cells.

Top tip: after applying, wear socks to bed so your feet really soak up that moisture. Find out more about how to get your feet ready for sun.

If your upper-arms aren’t as smooth as you’d like

If you like to live in vest tops during summer but feel a bit self-conscious about any rough, dry skin on your upper arms, don’t despair. Exfoliating little and often is your best route to smoother-looking skin in a hurry.

Try an exfoliator body scrub in the shower – you can also do this for your legs. Many of the scrubs can help buff away dead skin cells while hydrating at the same time.

Finally, get that all-over glow

Are you ready to rock your favourite summer outfit? You will be after these top tips:

• Make sure to moisturise everyday – this may seem like a lot if you’re not used to it, but trust us it’ll pay off and it’ll soon just be part of your daily routine

• Invest in a body brush– skincare pros recommend body brushing for glowing skin. Do it on dry skin before you shower and brush in a circular motion for three minutes and then make sure to moisturise once you’re out

• Try adding some mild bath oil to a warm (not hot) bath twice a week to help your skin’s radiance

• Hydrate from within by drinking plenty of water as this can help to give your skin a detox.

• Make sure to apply SPF daily, not only for the health of your skin but we all know sunburn doesn’t get you that gorgeous healthy glow

So, come on summer, we’re ready for you!