Fake tan reviews

Not sure which fake tan to choose? Read our handy guide


From in-shower to instant and lotion to mousse, choosing the right fake tan can be confusing. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here’s the lowdown on the different options.




For the quickest tan:

Try shimmering, tinted body oil for an instant tan. Simply apply, leave to dry and go! When you want to remove it, wash it off in the shower.


For first timers, or for a light, natural look:

Try gradual tan. Apply every day instead of your usual body moisturiser for a subtle tan that builds over time. The colour usually lasts for a few days.



For a quick fix:

Try a tinted mousse formula. With an inbuilt colour it’s easy to see where you’ve applied, and it dries quickly for tanning on-the-go. Mousse develops colour in as little as one hour and should last for up to five days.


For dry skin:

Try a traditional lotion for a rich, moisturising tan. Depending on the brand, colour usually develops anytime between one and six hours. This is a long-lasting option that should keep you bronzed for up to a week but the downside is that it can be messy to use.


For a mess-free tan:

Try an in-shower formula. Simply apply on wet skin and rinse off for a natural glow that builds over a few days.


For the pro tanner:

Go for a spray as it allows greater control and lasts as long as a mousse formula. Developing time is normally one to six hours.


Now you have an idea of which fake tan to go for, read our guide on how to apply fake tan. You’ll be a bronzed beauty in no time!