Free contact lens assessment and trail

Freedom and flexibility are just some of the many benefits of wearing contact lenses. But if you’ve never tried them before you’ve probably got lots of questions about what type you need and how to put them in... and suddenly the whole prospect can feel like a big commitment! That’s why at Boots we offer a free contact lens assessment and trial so you can dip your toe in first before taking the plunge. Read on to get started.

What happens at your assessment?

A contact lens assessment takes approximately 30 minutes*. One of our friendly and qualified opticians will:

• Check your suitability for contact lenses based on your prescription

• Discuss your needs such as whether you want to wear contact lenses every day or just for specific occasions/activities

• Talk through the variety of contact lenses available and how they could benefit you (more about that below)

• Explain how to care for them

• Organise your free trial

• Talk through the different pay plan options, including our Boots Opticians Contact Lens Rewards Plan 

• Book you in for a follow up appointment which will take place after your trial

*If you haven't had an eye test in the year before your assessment, we'll need to check your eyes as well. Please allow an extra 30 minutes for this. 

What happens during your trial?

Once you’ve had your assessment we will show you how to apply and remove contact lenses and provide you with some that fit your prescription. 

A trial consists of either:

1) Up to 5 pairs of daily disposable lenses


2) A month's supply of selected daily reusable lenses

Use this time to see how contact lenses fit into your lifestyle, focusing on things such as comfort, ease of use and whether you’re happy to commit to the on-going care of your lenses.

If contact lenses are a match for you, choose a pay plan option that works best for you at your follow up appointment.

How to book your assessment & trial

If you haven’t had an eye test in the last year, we’ll need to check your eyes before your contact lens assessment and trial. Book your eye test and free contact lens assessment and trial online or by calling 0345 125 3752**. Eye tests at Boots Opticians cost £25.  If you already have a prescription dated within the last year, use our store locator to find your nearest Boots Opticians who can book you in for your free contact lens assessment and trial.

What type of contact lenses do Boots offer

There are 3 main types of contact lenses:

1) Daily disposable lenses – wear a fresh pair every day

2) Daily reusable lenses – 1 pair can last up to 1 month

3) Extended wear lenses – can be worn both day and night and can last up to 1 month