How to get glass skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most flawless of them all?

Hands up who wants a dewy and luminous looking complexion? Get ready to say hello to glass skin, the latest K-Beauty trend centred on a glow-geous, lit-from-within look that shines for all the right reasons.  Great skin starts from within, so remember to drink plenty of water and eat nourishing and yummy foods – not convinced? Check out our top tips on how to help look after your skin.

There’s no need to reach for the liquid highlighter, as glass skin can be achieved with great skincare and just a few light make-up products. Are you ready to create earth-shatteringly good skin? Thought so – let’s go!

Prep & prime

Preparing your skin for great skincare and make-up is essential, as it can help your look to stay all day and even affect how your skin may react. Begin by cleansing and toning your face with hydrating products that contain ingredients like vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, as you don’t want to strip away any goodness. Then apply a hydrating sheet mask, and finish by patting in the excess serum (or wiping away with a cotton pad if needed).

Lay down the foundations

Glass skin is all about creating healthy, natural looking skin, but there’s nothing wrong with using a touch of make-up to help make this look pop. Apply a hydrating primer, then gently dab on a luminous foundation or BB cream with a damp beauty sponge or even your (clean!) fingers. 

In blush we trust

Your skin is well on its way to looking gorgeous and glass like, but it’s time to inject a flush of colour. Take a small amount of cream or liquid blusher, or even lipstick, and either dab on using your fingers, or gently pat on using a flat foundation or stippling brush. Sweep a small amount of blusher or lippie across your lids and lips too. This look is all about the gloss and glow so avoid using powder products as they’ll mattify your skin and dull the glow.

Ready, set, glow

You ready to take this look to new heights? Grab a beauty balm (good old Vaseline will also do) and gently apply to your cheekbones, lips and eyelids. Start off minimal and gently build up to your desired shine. If you want to add even more glow then apply liquid highlighter using a damp beauty sponge, and get ready to become a living, breathing social media filter.