How to put the fun into kids' bath time

The end of the day when everyone’s tired can be a fraught time, but it is possible to make bath time fun for toddlers. Take inspiration from these clever mum tricks

Get Creative

“Washable bath crayons get my youngest jumping into the bath and help to avoid meltdowns.” 

- Hannah Johnson – mum to Freya and Eva

“My two love making magical potions with a mixture of toothpaste and bubbles.”

- Emily Erritty – mum to Esme and Ava

“We use old medicine syringes as water guns and fill up bottles with water mixed with food colouring.”

- Becky Southon – mum to Beth and Mae

“I put plastic cups in and Max makes a variety of 'hot drinks' with the foam.”

- Kate Jones – mum to Rosie and Max

Get Messy

“My little ones love using an empty bottle to pour water onto themselves.”

- Zoe HIljemark – mum to Karl, Isaac and Sofia

“Mine love popping bubbles and making big splashes when they hit the water.”

- Lorna Todd – mum to Martha and George

Make them feel involved

“My eldest, Bertie, stands up and pours water on Poppy’s tummy – she loves it splashing her face.”

- Philippa Pearne – mum to Bertie and Poppy

“We get into the bath together and I teach her new words and animal sounds.”

- Daisy Head – mum to Matilda

“We fill the bath together – it makes her feel invested in bathtime from the start.”

- Halima Khatun – mum to Hannah

“My older girls love bathing the baby and singing to her – it’s lovely bonding time.”

- Emma Taylor – mum to Wren, India and Mabel

Turn down the lights

“Put glow sticks in the bath and turn the lights out – it’s pretty magical!”

- Anisa Lewis – mum to Beatrice

“We love a bathroom disco with a light-up disco ball!”

- Leah Fentiman – mum to Freya and Aidan

Wind down

“Albie loves a massage with Johnson’s Baby Oil and a warmed-up towel.”

- Louise Alphonsus – mum to Albie

“I keep the girls’ towels on the radiator so when they get out they’re like a big warm, fluffy hug wrapped round them.”

- Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith – mum to Tilly and Darcy