How to wrap the perfect gift

Welcome to the wrapping masterclass

Got a mountain of gifts to wrap? Don’t break out in a cold sweat! We’re here to guide you through wrapping up every occasion in a neat little bow. 

Square presents

Welcome to wrapping for beginners. Hands up who uses too much paper? You’re not alone, trust us. We’ve put together a handy step-by-step guide to neatly package the easiest of them all, square parcels – result!

Cylinder presents

Conquer the cylinder. A whole host of gifts come shaped in a cylinder, but luckily for you, here’s an easy to follow guide. Grab your paper, scissors and tape – then watch and learn

Awkward presents

There’s always one present that leaves us scratching our heads over how we’re going to wrap them. Put the wrapping wrongs right with our simple how to guide.


And there you have it, every occasion wrapped up nicely.