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In 2011, beauty routines all over the world were transformed with the launch of Real Techniques make-up brushes, and they have been
leading a revolution in beauty tools ever since.

Backed by MUA sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, who posted their first make-up tutorial online in 2008, Real Techniques have pioneered
a new platform of award-winning make-up brushes, sponges and make-up brush sets, alongside a whole education in beauty.

Real Techniques was born out of the realisation that the tools + techniques used to apply your make-up are just as important as
the make-up itself, and that with the right beauty tools, EVERYONE, no matter who you are, or what your style, can easily achieve
professional results from their makeup. Real Techniques took it upon themselves to give beauty lovers everywhere access to MUA
quality makeup brushes and sponges they deserve at affordable prices, as well as inspiring expertise on how to use them.

Discover the ever-growing range of accessories too, with brush cleaners and brush storage to keep those make-up brush sets clean and
within reach!