What is J-Beauty?

 K-Beauty, it’s time to meet J-Beauty. Let’s find out what all the fuss is about

You may have heard of it or you might have no idea what we’re talking about. Either way, J-Beauty is taking Western culture by storm and we couldn’t be more on board. J-Beauty is Japanese Beauty that’s all about innovation and long-lasting results. That’s what makes J-Beauty so great, it’s basically science combined with nature. 

How is J-Beauty different to K-Beauty?

They’re both effective routines, but whereas K-Beauty focuses on a 10-step routine that includes lots of quirky looking products, gadgets and is cutting edge, J-Beauty is in it for the long haul and is based on tradition, benefits and authenticity. There’s fewer products used that make the routine simpler and easier to manage and it’s more focused on skincare rituals that allow you to focus on yourself. 

What’s the J-Beauty morning routine?

J-Beauty focuses on two routines: one for morning that has four steps, and one for the evening that has six steps. For the morning, it’s the following:


Using a cleanser in the morning is a great way to help your skin wake up, look out for one that will give your skin some serious nourishment rather than one that’s gel or foam-based as they can actually dry your skin out.


Wondering what essence is? They’re creamy or gel-like formulas that are at the heart of J-Beauty. Essence is used to help your skin prepare for your serum or moisturiser and work well in helping dull and uneven skin, as they help your skin appear brighter and smoother – count us in.


Make sure to use a lighter moisturiser than you would in the evening that sits nicely under your make-up. Moisturiser helps our skin to maintain its balance – so depending on your skin type make sure you use a suitable one. 


SPF is a very important part of your new skincare routine that acts as a film to help protect your skin from the sun’s rays. That’s why it needs to be applied last, as it’s not used to restore moisture, balance or add needed ingredients; it’s there to help protect your skin against premature ageing, fine lines and sagging skin! Find out more on SPF in your cosmetics.

What about the evening routine?

Cleanse with oil

Oil might sound a bit scary, especially if you have oily skin, but cleansing oils are a big deal in J-Beauty. So if you find the right one it should remove all of your make-up gently without stripping away your good oils. Oily skin actually likes products with oil in, as oil attracts oil which can benefit your skin the long-run.

Double cleanse

Deep cleansing is an important part of J-Beauty, which is why it’s time to cleanse again. Double cleansing should leave your skin feeling smooth, squeaky clean and ready for the next step. If you’ve got sensitive skin and you’re worried double cleansing might be a bit much, make sure to use one specifically for sensitive skin – and don’t be too harsh.


Probably part of most of our routines right now, but using a toner is great for wiping the slate clean (if you will), just in case there’s any cleanser or make-up particles left behind – there shouldn’t be after a double cleanse though!

Use essence 

As you did in the morning, apply your favourite essence. A top tip for applying essence is to gently press the product into the skin upwards rather than rubbing it across the skin.


They’re similar to each other so you don’t need to use both concentrate and serum, just pick your favourite and go with it. Most are formulated with antioxidants to layer under your moisturiser – think of them as a sheer film that covers your face to help target your skin care concerns. They’re pretty lightweight and many dry instantly, so you don’t have to wait too much time before popping your moisturiser on.


Moisturising is a step that’s not to be missed and should be part of your routine already. As you do in the morning, make sure to use one that suits your skin type. We recommend using a different one for the evening that’s heavier than your day cream and can really soak in during sleep.

What else should I know about J-Beauty?

The textures included in J-Beauty products are lighter than products we’re used to – think milks, gels and jellys that all feeling amazing on your skin. There’s a big emphasis on rituals and making skincare a routine to look forward to, rather than a chore that you can’t wait to get over with. If you really concentrate on them, they can provide time in the day where you can really focus on yourself. This is where rituals around bathing come in too – also a big deal, that give you time to clear your mind and body.

What about face masks, we hear you say?

They’re all the rage in K-Beauty (think using one a day), but with J-Beauty face masks are a weekly luxury rather than a daily staple. Try applying your face mask after you’ve been bathing for 10 minutes, as your pores should be open, allowing your face mask to penetrate deep into your skin.

Convinced? Us too!