What is purple shampoo?

Keep blonde hair at its brightest & best


Deciding to dye your hair blonde can be a big decision. Even as a natural blonde you might find the maintenance of blonde hair to be pricey, time consuming and hard to keep on top of. Achieving a blonde tone which is icier as opposed to brassy can seem like an impossible battle, but there are haircare heroes such as purple or silver shampoo to help you win the war.

Why choose purple shampoo?

The first step is to invest in a purple shampoo for blonde and silver hair, but first let’s understand the basics, what is purple shampoo? And what does purple shampoo do? Purple shampoos work by neutralising vibrant yellow hues in blonde hair. Purple is the opposite shade to yellow on the colour spectrum, so it’s perfect for diminishing brassy tones. Many people use a purple shampoo for blonde hair because the dark purple pigment weaves into the hair to bring out the bluer undertones which creates that striking ashy and on trend shade. You may have heard that silver shampoo is good for bringing out the best in your blonde locks. So what’s the difference between purple shampoo and silver shampoo, and which one’s right for you? Well, the straightforward answer is they’re both the same. Silver shampoos also contain purple pigment and are designed to bring out the best in blonde, grey or silver hair, just like purple shampoos. The only difference is in the name, so whether you pick up a purple or silver shampoo, the end result should be the same.

Looking after blonde locks

We want to help you achieve those blonde dreams by providing you with the right hair products to keep your hair looking bright, healthy and full of life. We offer a range of high quality yet affordable hair care products to help you combat those factors which can knock the blue tones out of your hair. There’s a variety of purple shampoos out there for you to try. Not only do they work to minimise brassy tones but they also target other hair concerns you might have. Take a look at some of the best performers and what other pain points they target. A violet shampoo helps protect your hair from environmental factors such as pollution and the weather, keeping it fresh and full of colour

Highlighted, ombré & silver hair

Although purple shampoo is predominantly used by blondes, it’s a great toning shampoo for those who want to keep highlights or ombré hair looking salon fresh and those who are looking to bring out blue undertones. To allow yourself time to get used to your new purple shampoo, experts recommend using it once or twice a week for a couple of minutes each time. If you wash your hair more often than this, try to alternate your new shampoo for silver or blonde hair with your regular shampoo.

Keep hair looking & feeling healthy

Blonde hair can be a pricey habit to upkeep, with regular trips to the hairdressers. This is where a purple conditioner can make a big difference to your hair and your bank balance. It works to keep your hair bright blonde while softening dry ends, which can contribute to those unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair.  Hopefully after you’ve adopted these few hair changes, you’ll notice your hair feels luxurious and full of life. It’s now time to embrace your blue undertones and keep undesired undertones away.