Glasses for your face shape

Find your feel good frames

Did you know that more than half of adults think glasses won't suit them?* We think you should wear whatever frames make you feel the most fabulous, but there are a few tips and tricks for selecting glasses frames that flatter your features. For the five most common face shapes, there are certain frames that may suit you better than others, helping you to feel fantastic in your glasses.

To determine your face shape, compare a recent photo or selfie of your face with those below, making sure you are looking straight into the camera. The idea is to use frames that are complementary to your face shape to balance and highlight your best features. Remember, it's only a guide and you should wear whichever frames you fall in love with.

Oval face

The most common shape, an oval face is typically defined as one and a half times longer than its width with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. Because the features on an oval face shape are considered rather balanced, most styles will suit you. Try a selection of different shapes to find your favourite but try not to go too large or too small – we recommend going for styles that are a little wider than the widest part of your face.


Round face

A round face is characterised by wider cheekbones, a round chin and a curved hairline. Add balance and definition to your softer features by trying more angular frames. Square or rectangular frames tend to suit round faces, making them appear longer. Choose frames that enhance your unique style - rimless or delicate arm details are great for work or go for a bold colour to make a statement.  


Square face

A square face shape is typically angular with a square jaw line and a wider forehead in proportion to the length of the face. Round or oval frames suit square faces, creating balance by softening sharp angles. The interesting shape of round glasses add a cool, vintage feel to your look while oval frames are classic and elegant – go as bold as you like.


Heart-shaped face

A wide forehead that tapers into a pointed chin is characteristic of a heart-shaped face. Look for frames that are wider than your forehead with detail on the hinges. A cat-eye or wayfarer frame style will flatter your heart-shaped face, making your forehead appear narrower and your cheekbones more defined. For a subtler look, rimless or bottom-heavy frames will also suit you.


Oblong face

Typically longer than they are wide with a narrow nose, oblong faces have a squarer jaw line than an oval face. Wide frames, such as an aviator style, will flatter a longer rectangular face by making it appear shorter and more balanced. A square style will also be a great shape to go for and decorative arms will draw the eye, adding width to a narrower forehead.